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A Flash of Spanish Eyes

By: Cyril Lucas


About the Book
Set in the idyllic wine country of Provence some 40 years ago A Flash of Spanish Eyes tells the love story between Richard Fortescue, a down on his luck Formula One racing driver, and Boom Boom, a young Spanish woman determined to live life on her own terms. Brought together by chance, they find themselves embroiled in a complex web of smuggling and deadly deals.

First, there’s the ‘champagne war’, a deadly conflict between Genghis Cohen, a seedy and disreputable London businessman, and the Corsican Mafia over the right to buy the sparkling wine made by Boom Boom’s family. Then there’s the Shrine to Saint Sarah, the latest money-making scheme hatched up by Genghis and his outrageous assistant, Eulalia, for his vineyard in Provence.

Add a retired British Vice Admiral expert in the phallic Roman archeology of the ancient land of Oc, a Senegalese terrorist determined to protect Allah against the heresy of a formidably unorthodox Preacher and a gang of supporting characters and what follows? Unalloyed mayhem? Not in the least!

Clever, witty and fun, A Flash of Spanish Eyes is a skillful blend of romance, mystery and history. Join Richard and Boom Boom as they evade danger and outwit their adversaries on this adventure of a lifetime.

Nine photographs of Provencal Wine Country included.

About the Author
Cyril Lucas is the author of the novel, A Windy Night; the military history Waziristan To Tibet; and a successful blog based on his life and family history, called A Blogettty Blog. More information can be found on his website cyrillucasauthor.com.

At the age of 96, he is fortunate to live in retirement with his wife on the shore of Discovery Bay in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by a terraced garden, one of many he created during years spent in the Isle of Wight, Provence and California.

He wrote A Flash of Spanish Eyes when living in Provence. The multiple themes within the story were inspired by the history, culture and mythology of the region, as well as the revered tradition of winemaking.

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