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Alien’s Extraterrestrial’s

"A history of Revelations plus Where do they come from? Why are they here?"

By: Frank Morin


About the Author
My book is an informative and interesting collection of questions that are asked by more and more people concerning aliens, extraterrestrials, and all the entities that humans call gods. In antiquity, humans called any entity with superior knowledge or abilities a god. In the present time, humans also call aliens and extraterrestrials gods. In my book I discuss and explain why there are aliens and why there are extraterrestrials. I explain where they come from and why they are here. I discuss topics that people have questions about but have no explanation as to why the events are happening. I also briefly discuss two other topics in my book. I discuss the fact that humans are extraterrestrials, and I also explore the phenomena of animal mutilations. I bet a lot of people don’t realize that humans are extraterrestrials. I believe that when you finish reading this book and you seriously ponder the material, one word will come to mind: wow!

About the Author
My name is Frank Morin and I am sixty-nine years old. I grew up in Texas and Nebraska. I always did well in school and when I graduated from high school I joined the United States Navy. I spent twenty years in the navy, as well as completed an AA in Automotive Science, a BBA in Computer Information Systems, an MBA in Telecommunications, and a Management Certificate in Environmental and Hazardous Waste management.

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