Category: Fiction, Suspence,

Always Tomorrow

By: Jim Perry


About the Book
Ben Dawson, a young Army Sergeant stationed in Germany, is called home unexpectedly to attend the funerals of his parents. Involved in a tragic car accident, he learns they died in a mysterious manner, leaving few clues as to why it might have happened. Over the coming weeks, Ben learns he can trust no one except a few close friends, gains unlikely allies, and tries to unravel a mystery that threatens national security. Back in Germany waits Allie Morgan, also a soldier, with whom he has fallen in love. Will he ever see her again?

About the Author
Jim Perry is a retired US Army Sergeant living in a small town in central Delaware. Between enjoying his children and grandchildren, hot rods, and car shows, he makes time to carry out a lifelong desire to write and publish stories that reflect his past, as well as fiction ideas that have simmered in his mind for decades. He grew up in southern Dorchester County, Maryland where he enjoyed some of the best days of his life, recalling a more simple, innocent period of his life. Later, the Army would open up new and exciting experiences.

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