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American Breeder

By: Ricardo Sanchez


About the Book
This book covers the different classes of color canaries. It contains not only the standard for each class but also high quality photos of the different classes. A great guide for those wishing to breed and compete in bird shows. This book is essential for those that want to learn more, want to start breeding, or need examples and clarification on what the standard is for each kind.

About the Author
Ricardo Sanchez has been breeding canaries since 1998, specifically colorbred canaries. Ricardo has been showing canaries since 2003. He is the creator and director of the American Breeder magazine. He became a National Colorbred Judge in 2013 and has been to shows all over the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

Ricardo enjoys visiting many aviaries all over the United States, Vancouver, Canada, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Spain and watching, loving, and leaning more about these beautiful colorbreds.

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