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An Appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court & A Proposal to Our President

Revised Edition

By: Pia Fields


About the Book
This book reports a real tragedy in the U.S. Testator Sydney Fields was born in 1918, one day after his father died from the Spanish Flu. Doctor Groginsky, who risked his life to help the family at their home, signed both a death and a birth certificate. One hundred years later, without witnesses, video or audiotape, will drafter Curtain composed an affidavit related to Sydney’s will and then dismissed it in the court hearing day. Judge Melle still, based on Curtain’s affidavit, distributed the 96-year-old blind man’s ten-million-dollar assets to five of his niece-in-laws, and left his autistic son in welfare.

About the Author
Justice seems to never come because our lawmakers tend to defend each other and prefer to change nothing. Being mistreated, author Pia still is concerned about how to reduce the U.S government’s debt. She suggests: Government should cooperate with civilizations and manufacturers, provide free shelters, food, medical service and low-pay jobs to people who need help. Use the benefits we provide to substitute the government’s expenses on welfare, home care, health care, social security and wages. She believes we should use both the capitalist and socialist concepts to manage our world. We should give up market economics’ competition and consumption, but enrich people’s lives by friendships and entertainments and eventually eliminate wars between these two systems.

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