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Build Emotional Muscle For More Productive and Satisfying Lives

By: Bruce E. Robbins


About the Book

This book is a must read! Why? You will learn HOW, to increase your potential, raise and maintain your confidence to help manage a more rewarding and fulfilling life. It provides core teachings to learn more about who you are by discovering universal emotional issues, ways to identify your personal behavior styles and learning styles. Provided is a proven goal setting and attainment processes, along with real-world tools to help people achieve their desired life outcomes. With knowing how, the power triangle for getting results is finally complete. The author is available to support and consult for success.

About the Author

Bruce Robbins has been a financial sales professional, trainer, author, and consumer friendly financial advisor. Due to his extremely well received transferrable training programs that address the emotional issues and soft skills to create a solid successful platform that enriches salespeople’s productivity, this book is a product of translating those teachings for everyday use.
Bruce’s open, honest writings and illustrations help people develop their own strengths and manage weaknesses, reduce the unknown of getting started, and advance the understanding of issues that produce growth and develop a more rewarding, successful professional and personal life.
As you will see, Robbins sense of humor comes through in ways that reduce procrastination and lack of success. As a long-time successful sales guru, his joy comes from sharing his knowledge with others, like yourself.

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