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Chapel In My Heart

By: Brigitte Macko


About the Book

After everything that happened to me, I finally understood the phrase “God is a living God.” I just always assumed that miracles, healings, voices, and visions only happened during Biblical times. If he was dead, he couldn’t have saved my life every time I called his name. Mind you, I seldom had time to say a prayer, only God’s name. Sometimes I didn’t even have time for that. He is alive in our midst. Our limited human brain cannot wrap itself around it. That is why we have faith, belief, and love. These are the three key words.

About the Author
Brigitte Macko was born on March 12, 1944, during World War II in Schwabisch Gmund, West Germany. She had a strict Catholic upbringing. At the young age of five, she heard a voice in a dangerous situation. When she “obeyed,” it saved her life. She didn’t tell anyone because she couldn’t explain it. She came to Oswego, New York, in 1966 and lived in Bridgeport and Minoa, New York, until 1998. She worked for GM from 1972–1998 in Syracuse, New York, when she transferred to the Lockport plant. During her seventy-five years, she has experienced many voices, visions, supernatural events, etc. Some were downright scary and shook her to the core. She still resides in Lockport, New York. She often thought of moving after retirement, but a voice told her, “This is your home. This is where you are supposed to be.”

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