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Crosseyed Puzzle

By: Michael John Silbaugh


About the Book

Crosseyed Puzzle” is 30 optical illusions that I invented over the years. It all started when I put a circle on a transparency and focused my eyes through the transparency paper until I saw two circles. This led me to the next step of drawing a face around the now two circles, which gave me the face of a bison. Then came the next step of coming up with a non-abstract picture, which looked to me like a Viking hat. Then I noticed that I didn’t have to focus my eyes through the picture to convert the Viking hat into a Bison. Instead, I could print the optical illusion on a plain paper and cross my eyes. Therefore, I came up with the book “Crosseyed Puzzle”.

About the Author

I was born in Stoughton, Wisconsin. I went to high school in a small quiet town called Evansville, Wisconsin. Went to college at U.W. Rock county, Wisconsin getting a degree in science and art.

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