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Dreams: Unlocking the Mystery

A How-To Guide That Will Change Your Life

By: Cathy Hannabach


About the Book
DREAMS takes you on an exciting journey through the world of your dreams. You will soon be able to remember your dreams, decode your dreams, and use those dreams to your best advantage. Your waking world will be transformed; things will never be the same.
Dreams are real, dreams are personal, and dreams can change your life.
“”Cathy has helped unravel my most cryptic dreams. I have been amazed at her suggestions and thought she knew the most intimate workings of my mind. DREAMS reveals her secrets. Well written, with abundant examples, there is something here for every dreamer””
– .Joyce Neville, CFO TAD Enterprises, ACBL Gold Life Master

“”Dreams are important. Years ago, I dreamt about a stranger and saw him the next day in my waking life. We’ve been married now for twenty years. 1 especially like Cathy’s book-and I’ve read many on dreams-because it includes the history of dreams and examples from celebrity dreamers. This information helped me feel comfmtable about making dreams a key part of my life””.
– Carol Chapman, author of When We Were Gods

About the Author
Cahy Hannabach has lived in Oregon and California and now makes her home in Virginia. She has wo1•ked with dreams and dream interpretation for over thirty years. Cathy is a dream consultant and conducts dream seminars in the Tidewater area.
Cathy has served as consulting editor for Sun Topaz, an independent publishing house. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Women and is listed in Worldwide Who’s Who.
Cathy is also an avid duplicate bridge player and has served as a contributor to Unit no’s Bridge Times. Cathy’s book, Secrets Your Bridge Friends Never Tell You, was published in 2010, under the name Cathy Hunsberger.
Email: [email protected]

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