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Essence of Neverland

By: Juna Jensei


About the Book
Peter is gone, causing the decline of Neverland and a struggle for power. This once abundant world of dreams come true, soon converts into a place of violence and evil without the positive influence of the Pan. Many have gone missing and none can escape its shores. Neither pirates, nor Indians, or Merpeople and fairies have the magic it takes to defeat the demonic darkness that threatens the very existence of every man, woman, and child living on the island. Can anything save them from this pending doom before it is too late? What can prevent Neverland from becoming void of any hope as it turns into a barren
wasteland––eventually consumed by the sands of time?
Perhaps the answer lies within the essence of this mystical isle, inspiring the hope and motivating the action needed to save them all.

About the Author
Juna Jinsei is an accomplished author of fiction and nonfiction
books, with a Ph.D. in Pastoral Counseling Psychology. Her
experience working with troubled children and insecure adolescents
has led her on a journey to aid young people in realizing their
self-worth while building their personal power. By writing in many
styles and genres, she has dedicated herself to helping today’s youth
find the key that will open the door to self-discovery so they will have
the opportunity to reach their highest potential.

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