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Explode: Epic Poetry

Revised Edition

By: E Maria Shelton Speller


About the Book

The found art in Explode are poesy movements. Dada (Contrapposto poets succumbing to peaches…) It sounds like Jazz (See Sisyphus scorn at amber headlights in Paris dew…) Looks like Impressionism ( is day of rest I worship Santa Barbara and the celestial trip I straddle…) Expressionism (On the Orange Line… I saw dog paws tattooed on her thigh and red daisies on her boots…) And Surrealism (In random chimera conceits I think of blue nights…) Explode is art responding to poetry and poetry responding to art in — esoteric beginnings and sublime endings. Explode is practical beauty – necessary Word.

About the Author

Postmodern author and poet E Maria Shelton Speller spent the early part of her career in the United States Air Force; BFA with honors from Northeastern University; CPM and SSGB George Washington University; original founding member of Boston’s Zone Poets. Published by Arula Records, “Spoken Live at the Lizard Lounge!” and featured reader at the Lizard Lounge with the Je
Robinson Trio, the Cantab, and Squawk Co eehouse, Cambridge MA; Duomo, Berkeley CA; Carol’s Books, Sacramento CA, Bohemian Cavern, Washington DC; has read on Brandies University Radio and the Underground Radio in Cambridge MA. Resides in Washington DC. Visit her on trenchpeople.com.”

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