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Family Ties

Thicker Than Blood

By: B.G. Howard


About the Book
Willie LeBeaux finds his way to the mean streets of the city that never sleeps. While in the process of running from his past, he encounters what could be a more troubling future…if he can survive the present.

“”It seemed like so long ago and so far away from home down in South Georgia. I had only been in New York a few years, but it felt like an eternity since coming to the Big Apple, chasing dreams of stardom and life on easy street. Ironically, it’s not until you arrive in the city that never sleeps when you realize your chances at stardom rank right up there with the odds you’ll hit the lottery. There’s no street named ‘Easy’ anywhere in this country; at least, not for a poor man with a tenth-grade education who can only boast a doctorate from ‘Thug University.’ I remembered the last words my father spoke to me as I left for the bus station. ‘Yaain’t worth a damn now, and ya ain’t nev’r gone be worth a damn ‘til da day dem folk throws dirt in ya face.'””

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