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Freedom’s Wall

By: Bruce Robertson


About the Book
This book is dedicated to all veterans who have served in the military. This book is a book of poems that shows my love for the veterans!
My Wife and I visited the wall that houses all Vietnam Vetrans have been killed in Vietnam. My first thought was “my God, how many names are on the wall”. Later I found out roughly 60,000. God told me to honor them, so I wrote “Freedom’s Wall”. I hope you enjoy these poems! Bruce Robertson

About the Author
I was born in White Memorial Hospital Nov 2, 1941 to Paul and Mary Robertson. I’m the oldest of four boys, Doug, Donnie, and Itigth my three other brothers.
I started writing songs at the age of eleven. I’ve always had an interest in writing. My mother was a poet, and I kind of took after her.
I married my first wife when I was twenty five and had two wonderful boys off of her. Donald Paul Robertson and Blake Dennison Robertson. I am a father and a grandfather and soon to be a great grandfather in September.
I married my wife Karen in 1996 on Sept. 6, was married to Karen 24 years before she passed away May 4th 2019 I really miss her and love her more every day. I will see her in heaven when God chooses to take me.
I have written two books, Freedoms Wall and Santas Christmas poems, they’re both on line on Amazon.

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