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How 2 Bee Your Best Self

By: Ed Cawley


About the Book
More than a self-help book, How 2 Bee Your Best Self not only has real-world how-to’s that suggest how one should behave but also gives instructions for how to accomplish specific goals in life. Many concepts are sprinkled with humor that can make you smile unexpectedly. By using this book as a reference, anyone can find recommendations for many of life’s questions. Personal relationships, finance, health, ethical behavior, success, personal development, and creativity are all addressed in this book. This book encourages everyone to become more compassionate, more responsible, more successful, and an overall better person.

About the Author
Edward L. Cawley, BBA was born in Savannah, Georgia. He has worked many years in leadership capacities both in government and in corporate America. He is a true renaissance man in that his education, vocations, and avocations run the gamut from a business degree in computer science, health science training, financial services licensing, live theater performances, and several successful entrepreneurial ventures. He has also worked as a life coach. His years in leadership positions and his participation in personal and professional development have given him a broad perspective which enables him to help people in all areas of their lives.

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