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My Journey With Dimash Kudaibergen The Best Singer In The World

By: Pamela McGee Wilkinson


About the Book
So I am the author of this book and as you can see from the cover my name is Pamela McGee Wilkinson. I’m just an average retired woman in her “important years” who has rediscovered her writing skills and put them to use in this book and the other one strategically placed on this cover for the selfish reason that if you like this book maybe you’ll appreciate the other, especially if you have young children or grandchildren. It was written 20 years ago in January 2001 and I’m releasing it now. I guess I’ve been busy. Now, to the matter at hand. This book was a joy to write, create and compile for the sole purpose of shining a light on the subject, Mr. Dimash Kudaibergen of Kazakhstan, who is clearly the greatest singer the earth has to offer. I’m calling my book, a Fanbook, because that’s what it is. A book from a fan about the celebrity of which she is a fan. We are all fans of someone(s) and we tend to follow their talent or work or words etc. In my case with Dimash, I am following all three. He is a 26-year-old man who encompasses a heart and soul way beyond his years. If we were to engage in a maturity contest, he would probably win.

This book speaks not only of my journey with him but it echoes the journeys of millions of fans or Dears of his and we are proud to claim a certain obsession. His music is a distraction of the unearthly kind. A rarity. A gem. Like finding that needle in a haystack that is almost impossible to find and when you do find it, you celebrate it and hold it up to the light and marvel at its existence. His serious Dears do it daily. Hold him up to the light and often try to share him with others. That’s what I’m doing here. My poems and other writings were always coming from a place of appreciation for his hard work over the years to perfect his vocal instrument and share it with the world and equally my appreciation for his humility and very generous heart.
Most all of the readers of this book are his Dears and share the same sentiments about this young man as I do and he has united us in such a way that he still is puzzled by it but completely pleased too. Thank you Dimash for that happy little accident.

About the Author
Pamela’s introduction into writing began in high school when the English class was challenged to write a biography about a member of their class. Class members were asked to call them up and interview them over the phone and collect interesting details about their childhood, hobbies, etc. A week after the biographies were turned in, the teacher announced that she was impressed with many of the biographies but one stood out as the best example of capturing the personality of her subject and also utilizing her apparent natural skills as an interviewer. Her teacher informed her she should consider using her writing skills in the future. As the years followed, Pamela would find many opportunities to use her writing skills namely; poetry, skits, newsletters, roadshows and writing new lyrics for existing music for plays and talent shows. She also interviewed interesting people in her Memphis, Tennessee community that were published in local newspapers. She currently lives in the St. George, Utah area. She is the widow of Kenneth M. Wilkinson, mother of three and grandmother of seven. She is also the author of the book “The Princess of Cyres Hill

“The author will be donating in memory of her late husband, a percentage of the royalties from the sale of this book to the Alzheimer’s Association, Utah Chapter, Draper, Utah.””

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