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I am Yours and You are Mine

God's Love

By: Rev. Kelvin McKisic


About the Book
In his new book, I Am Yours and You are Mine: God’s Love, Rev. McKisic demonstrates that the ways and means that God has provided for His creation show us that His love is eternal. God’s love is such that He wants us to exist with Him for all eternity. He loves us in such a way that He provided us with a means to find Him through all of our sins.
His love gave us Jesus who came to wipe away all of our sins so that we can come to our heavenly Father again. God’s love is shown by His grace and mercy for us and by His son Christ Jesus.

About the Author
Rev. Kelvin McKisic was born in Detroit and educated in electrical engineering, but found his greatest joy in preaching and teaching the Word of God.
Licensed and ordained into the ministry in 2004, he is currently the Pastor of One Faith, One Christ Church in Wilmington, CA.
Kelvin attended many churches before finding his church hone at True Light Missionary Gospel Church. At True Light, Kelvin received his calling to be a Baptist minister, and later became its Pastor, serving the church for over three years before planting a new church and becoming its shepherd.
Kelvin, while serving at True Light received his Bachelors and Masters in Theology from Reed Christian College.
Through his obedience to the call of God, Kelvin has been blessed to be a husband of one, a father of three, and a minister to many.

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