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Iceman of the Apocalypse

By: Timothy McDonnell


About the Book
Deputy Sloan Wallace participates in a scientific experiment, ingesting a pill that was told would only be temporary. Turned out the pill was a permanent implant, which was part of a radical new experiment performed by a desperate scientist out of time. Scarred by the process, Sloan abruptly left the experiment, hoping to continue with his normal life, until his world was turned upside down by the apocalypse.

About the Author
Inspiration is a funny thing… you’ll never know where it will come from. I haven’t watched a lot of TV in my later years, until a show about the zombie apocalypse caught my attention. I would watch the show religiously, and later the show became a part of my life here in Michigan. Most fans would follow their favorite actor or actress. Some fans would even go to a Comicon. It inspired me to write. I never thought I would be writing about the zombie apocalypse, but I could not resist. The ideas just kept flowing and I just kept writing. This journey started in 2015 and you are about to read the conclusion of the first chapter in a new saga. Maybe this is one worth reading. All the readers out there will be the judge. I hope you find this story entertaining. I wish you all the best. — Timothy McDonnell

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