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Legends Of Dreegahnna

Volume One

By: S. Marcum


About the Book

Is one of a few famous stories from the world of Dreegahnna. Many legends arise from this land and in this volume, you will find the story of Samuel. A human whom travels from his world to another in order to save his only remaining family. Along the way he will find that his sister being taken was only a small part to a larger plot, to overthrow a king and reinstall the greatest evil that the world will ever know to the throne.

About the Author

S. Marcum is a simple man from the mid Appalachia. Growing up he always enjoyed Irish mythology and would spend hours listening to it. In high school he wrote a short story about a strange land and after more than ten years of rewrites the Legends of Dreegahnna had been finished. However, he never felt it was good enough and instead shelved it. It was only after a good long walk in the forest did, he decide to publish it.

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