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Letters from Heaven

The Ups and Downs of a Spiritual Journey

By: Jerry D. Walker


About the Book
This work includes a series of thoughts derived from quiet times, in scriptural study, and other times of contemplation regarding God’s Word and application ideals and is dedicated to his wife and lifelong companion, Mary Ellen Walker, the mother of his two children.

About the Author
JERRY D. WALKER was in the US Navy 28 1/2 years, serving as a combat medic (Navy Corpsman) in Vietnam and public health offi¬cer in Kurdish, Iraq, and has participated in ministries in several countries. He served as the public health educator for the Gila River Indian Reservation and as a member of the Maricopa County Community College governing board and as a chaplain in clinical settings for hospitalized patients and community ministries. His academic achievements include undergraduate degrees in environmental health, sociology, and psychology; master’s degrees in counseling/psychology at the University of Central Arkansas; and Christian education. He was blessed with being able to leave the seeds for three churches in Kurdish, Iraq and has been involved in ministries in both the Conservative and Southern Baptist churches. His education in Christian ministries includes training with the navigators and master’s work at Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary, completing the Master of Arts in Christian education. He is currently serving on the governing board of the Central Arizona Community College.

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