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Little Thoughts, Big Oughts

By: D.V. Barrett


About the Book

About Little Thoughts, Big Oughts

Genius is as much the time and the place as the person.

God wouldn’t be God if He didn’t give us hay fever to go along with spring fever.

If we want to build a better world it needs to be built to outlast the wrecking ball. Our landfills are already needlessly full of rubble and debris.

When civilization had advanced sufficiently, human beings replaced wild animals as our number one source of fear, pain and death.

We are Dilemma’s children, spun in a chrysalis betwixt Heaven and Earth.

The King of Beasts is more to be pitied for he has a stone for a pillow and thorns for his bed.

A little hard work never hurt anyone, but a lot of hard work killed millions.

‘I’ is defined as the triangular shaped battlefield sided by the heart, the soul, and the mind.

Dreaming adds color to the empty spaces of our lives.

Every man has a favorite ring of truth and will wear no other.

Maturity is the art of sound risk taking.

A hug is love made visible.

Humor is the vehicle of choice to mock the rutted paths which are our lives.

Science, rather like paint remover, has done much to strip the surface layers of mystery away from life and the universe.

Going fast or going slow is not important; rather like the dance, moving to the proper rhythm is what matters.

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