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Live 120 Years in Good Health

Long Life for the New Creation

By: Stanley John Yonker


About the Author

I was in the plumbing and heating wholesale business for twenty-five years before going into the ministry at age thirty-seven. I was always a very positive person, and when I went into the ministry, I was shocked and deeply disturbed by how people talked about sickness and disease and death. The longer I was in the ministry, the more I became aware of the great gulf there was between God’s people and God in this whole area. I began to see clearly from the Bible what God’s Will was for his people. I began to preach and teach about healing and life. I began to minister healing to my people. I would lay hands on the sick and anoint with oil. I began to ask God to heal people. It was in the Bible, and Jesus did it, and He told us to do it, so I did it. Several people were healed and converted and delivered from Satan. Lives were changed by God, and I got more and more excited. But not everyone got excited. In fact, I ran into much resistance. I found that most Christians just did not believe in the Bible. They didn’t believe God would heal them, and they certainly didn’t believe in long life. Everyone believed that God “took them” or He taught people a lesson through sickness or accidents or death. So I found that I had to resign from the denomination in which I was a pastor. So I started a church in Fort Lauderdale, and I have continued to be strong in my faith concerning healing and long life. So over the years, with all the experiences I’ve had and with the negative resistance that I have run up against, I have gathered much information and decided to write a book. I emphasize how negative and unbelieving we are and how we have developed such deep ruts in our thinking. How we “blame God.” How we base everything on the wrong standard. How our everyday language is a language of death. How we have so much doubt in God. It has made me so concerned. Only by the love of God flowing through me have I been able to “keep my faith” and continue to practice what I preach.

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