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Love Remains

By: Jeffrey Elliott-Cruz


About the Book
Adilene Idalie also known as Betty Sharon is an accomplished internationally respected fashion model. She is also an excellent writer, reader, loves literature, music, and poetry both classical and modern forms such as rap and hip hop. Adilene is a fitness expert and enthusiast. She is fluent in English and Spanish and enjoys the arts in both venues. She is a cofounder of Team Peach, a popular organization which promotes the best in modeling. In addition, she has her own website. Adilene has been involved in modeling and related activities since becoming Ms. Teen Latina, Arizona during her teen years. She has appeared in numerous music, modeling and tutorial videos. Many can be seen on YouTube. Adilene is the inspiration for this book, “Love Remains”. She has an extraordinary faith in God, which she attributes to her family, especially her sister, in whom, she shares an incredibly close relationship. Adilene is currently working on writing and publishing her own series of romantic novels.

“Love gives an incredible sense of meaning, context and purpose to the universe and is the secret behind all true beauty.” – Adilene Idalie”

About the Author
Jeffrey Elliott-Cruz is a recognized poet and has published three volumes of poetry under the name Jeffrey E. Elliott with his daughter Emily Jane Elliott-Gardacci. He is a retired associate college professor and semi-retired attorney. He enjoys literature, especially, classical poetry. He especially enjoys the great Scottish poet Robert Burns. Jeffrey is extremely impressed with Adilene Idalie’s deep faith in God and her closeness with her family. He has noticed Adilene is not a self-center person, but to the contrary, manifests an abiding courage, faith, commitment to her work and ideals of faith. Hence, Adilene was the inspiration behind the book, “Love Remains”. “Poetry often expresses life’s highest ideals and most sublime feelings” – Jeffrey Elliott-“

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