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Maccabee Lady


By: Josh Goldstein


About the Book
Maccabee Lady: Exodus is another graphic novel from sequential artist Josh Goldstein. It is a collection of stories about the popular Israeli superhero you are soon to enjoy. If you like capes, large explosions, and great artwork, buy it. Readers 12+ are the intended audience of this book. If you like comics, you will like Maccabee lady Exodus.

About the Author
The artwork and writing is done by graphic novelist Joshua Goldstein. He is a graduate of Stockton University BA in Historical Studies and Burlington County College (AA in History). He is the author of four other books including graphic novels Maccabee Lady: Hatikva, Maccabee Lady: Zion and Zayin: Wars of Independence. All books are available from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and eBay. He is currently working on several projects and doing comic book shows in New Jersey and Pennyslvania.

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