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Making Good Things Happen

Negotiating for a better life

By: Richard G. Neal and Eric F. Rhodes


About the Book

Everyone negotiates daily at home and on the job in an attempt to reach agreements. Negotiating is a natural part of our lives. We often do it without actually thinking about it. But important occasions inevitably arise when we need to employ special negotiating skills, whether for personal or business purposes. That is when this book becomes invaluable.
Making Good Things Happen contains over 300 strategies and tactics that comprise all of the fundamental principles of negotiations. As such, the book contains something for everyone, whether it is the resolution of a family problem, the purchase of a home, or the need to reach some business agreement. Whether you are selling your home or closing a business deal, this book is for you.
Some of the important questions answered in Making Good Things Happen are:

• When do I argue; when do I fight; when do I sue; and when do I negotiate?
• What specific steps should I follow in preparing for complicated negotiations?
• How do I effectively control my emotions during negotiations?
• How can I always buy at the best price?
• How can. I always sell at the best price?
• How can I negotiate a better salary?
• What are the specific tactics needed to listen effectively?
• What are the common mistakes people make in negotiations?
• What are the major hidden sources of negotiating power we all have?
• How do I get the other fellow to cooperate in getting what I want?
• How do I ask the right questions to get what I want?
• How can “”timing”” make or break negotiations?
• How can you be sure you have not been tricked in an agreement?

This book will help you in Making Good Things Happen, through Negotiating for a Better Life.

About the Author
“Dr. Richard G. Neal is well qualified to discuss tactics for MAKING GOOD THINGS HAPPEN through the use of negotiations. He has a rich background in education, consulting, and negotiations. For three decades he served as a national consultant on management and labor relations, and business start-ups. He has presented hundreds of seminars on negotiations, mediation, and arbitration to thousands of management personnel, and his many books on these topics have been read widely. He is the author of more than 100 articles, including such titles as “The Fine Art of Delegating,” “What’s That You Say? Attentive Listening Is a Crucial Management Skill,” and “At Arbitration Hearings, Justice Favors the Well Prepared.” For 12 years he was managing editor of Employers Negotiating Service. Dr. Neal has drawn on his many years of negotiations and editing experiences to distill those tactics that can be used successfully by anyone in everyday life. He is also the author of the book Time Wasters, Time Savers, as well as the textbook School Based Management: A Practical Guide to Implementation. His most recent book is Escape to Learning: An Educators Answer to the Public School Crisis. He has taught classes at the elementary and secondary level, as well as adult education and undergraduate and graduate college classes. He served as a seaman in the U.S. Navy and as an officer in the U.S. Air Force Reserves. He and his wife, Frances, now reside in Winston-Salem, N.C.

Dr. Eric F. Rhodes has been a newspaperman, high school and college teacher and administrator, and, for a total of 25 years, president of two national companies specializing in negotiations with public employee unions, employee compensation plans, personnel management, and policy development. He has represented school boards throughout the nation as chief negotiator and as an arbitrator in disputes. He served as the Vice Chancellor of a large state community college system and served in leadership positions of many professional organizations. He has been a business consultant and written books on various aspects of management, on negotiations, and on getting the most for your money. A native of Washington D.C., he received his doctorate from George Washington University.

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