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No…Where are you really from?

By: Dr. Bridget Erhabor


About the Book
Our country of birth is not our true place of origin. We are all spirits who live in a body so we can occupy Earth for a brief season. So, where are you really from? Knowing and living in the reality of the right answer to this question makes all the difference in the world in determining the experiences we have here on Earth—powerful or pitiful. Our true heritage and lineage is of Christ. Christians must fully understand this if we, as a body, are to walk in the fullness of who we are in Christ here on Earth.

About the Author
Dr. Bridget has multiple degrees in business and religion. She uses it all to the glory of Godbecause she believes that the only thing that truly counts at the end of the day is loving God and loving people. Bridget is married to Daniel for twenty-six years and counting and blessed with eight anointed children. They oversee Love Foundation International, having branches and daughter churches in America, Europe, and Africa with a vision of reaching the nations of the world with the love of God as revealed in Christ Jesus. Together they pastor a local church in

Maryland USA.

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