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Ocean Wisdom

By: Michelle Hanson


About the Book
Ocean Wisdom teaches you about the mysteries of the ocean and unlocks the mysteries of self through the study of seashells. Just like the animals that inhabit and create them and the many people that study them, each shell is unique and offers powerful and eye-opening insights into the world around us. The Ocean Wisdom books cover a variety of master teachings on such subjects as survival, victimization, feeling special, feeling flawed, pride, destiny, struggle, faith, sacrifice, and judgment, all through the study and examination of the ocean’s most extraordinary organisms. They devote a great deal of attention to the topic of love. Seashell Divination uses seashells as a psychological tool to explore the mysteries of self and the world around us. Through the awareness gained, you can reshape your future. Seashells are energy tools holding the power of the vast ocean, and each carries a unique energy signature. In the Ocean Wisdom books you will learn to read and harness the energy chakras of seashells and connect to the water element providing benefits for mind, body and spirit. You will also learn the meanings and natures of each beautiful shell. Finally, you will apply these tools in a guided meditation and start on a revitalizing journey with help from the text or the accompanying CD. Learn more about Seashell Divination and these amazing treasures the ocean has given us. Balance energies, learn more about yourself and find your peace through the power of the ocean.

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