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Order of Marriage

God's Intricate Design

By: George Nwachuku, MBA, Ph.D


About the Author
In a world replete with relationship problems, such as divorces, loveless marriages, and disordered relationships, God’s order for marriage is being rejected. The Order of God is distinctive, which instantiates and maintains life and ensures the well-being of all in the universe. Humanity has not followed God’s order that leads to peaceful co-existence and love for all, which ensures proper relationships in line with purpose and existence. Order of marriage showcases God’s rule or command to a healthy interaction, and relationship in societies prescribing the correct way to live and procure marriage. God’s order of redemption is made to be in line with His order of creation.

About the Author
“George Nwachuku in Order of Marriage performs an in-depth study of Order, and demonstrates that God is Order and that it is integral to His character; therefore, God built order into humanity (being His image) that they may be geared unto love and peace.
The book highlights the following:
(1) The solution to broken, loveless, and in ordinate relationships.
(2) The necessity of order in human life.
(3) The imperative of loving a spouse. ”

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