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Parental Instinct

Expected/ or Not expected Outcome

By: Abida Chiera


About the Book

Parental Instincts. This is a book written to bring forth to light the emotions and feeling each unique parent brings to the table of parenthood. Every parent has a choice to make . All parenthood choices are unique in their own ways. Most parents look at their newborn baby with curiosity and admiration. After curiosity and admiration comes hope and fulfillment. A memorable bond is created between the parents and the child. Finally parental instincts are born . The instincts can be accompanied by anxiety or fulfillment. Parent -child relationship is set. It might start with an early kiss.

About the Author

Abidah Chiera wrote her first book “Journey to inner healing” from a hospital bed in ICU. This is a dynamic faith book. Abidah is a professional Nurse who has been in practice for over 23 years. Abidah is mother, a counselor for young adults, a radio host for morning hour prayers and a licensed financial management educator. Abidah authored “Parental Instinct” from the dimensions of reality, work experience and interactive observation. Abidah’s authorship comes from my multiple disciplines broadly addressing life experiences.

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