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Poems from a Philosopher’s Point of View

By: Miracle Camacho


About the Author
The purpose of this book is to provide the reader with a sense of new purpose. To see the world perhaps in a different light, to walk away and take away from the information given in this book so that they read something that they where able to relate to. The purpose of this book is to inform and awaken the readers imagination to make them laugh, cry, analyze, prioritize, and to get them to feel exited about what life sometimes has to offer them. In spite of the obvious struggles in life, sometimes there are those things that are truly worth sticking around for. So I hope that all the people that read this book are forever changed in a positive way.

About the Author
Although an unknown this writer tends to get her words across to what seems to be effortlessly. A complex humble simplistic women, who loves to tweak a person’s interest through her poetry. She writes because her mind is continuously busy, so she keeps herself grounded by writing songs, and poetry. Although an unknown and not sought out after as of yet, her work seems to be very promising. She describes her points of inspirations for her poetry as gigantic pieces of different puzzles all mixed up in her head therefore she has to unscramble them and put all the pieces that belong to each puzzle together. She has been known to have eight different pieces of poems and two or more songs at the same time in her head. So she has to put them all together until each piece to each puzzle fits. She draws out not only through her experience in life, but through other people’s experiences as well. She considers herself to be somewhat of a philosopher and she sees life a certain way and expects if not everyone then a considerate amount of people to at least buy into some of her philosophies.

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