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Quiet Thoughts Bermuda

By: Shirley Rogers


About the Book
Clarity was vital at 12 years of age. Sports was something I was interested in as well. I have run cross country in school class time, also always coming in first, nudging teachers sitting in a staff room that I was finished and outside sitting on a school wall awaiting instruction. Reading became a soul system for survival. I profusely depended on acceptance, once rejected from her staying after school to compete in netball after making the team was hard to comprehend. Healing was certainly noted as reintegrating writing patterns for me. Community events, appearances at various school, Manchester Unity Lodge, International Library of Poetry Hall of Fame. The 2 written are Quiet Thoughts 1 and 2. This third one will also reveal the inner spirituality glows of tremendous fruits. The face of our universe reveals a scientific ingenuity a color graphic information of talents.

About the Author
Mrs. Shirley Rogers is an outstanding poet and author. She has been writing since she was young. She has two personal books of her own. She has taken part in The National Library of Poetry contest before and is the wife of Dean Rogers. She is the mother of four children and has four grandchildren. Shirley continues to write short scripts, songs and a movie. She is in the International Hall of Fame listed with The National Library of Poetry. She supports her community by performing her works in poetry to schools, lodges and community events. She is a member of the I.W.W.G and The Royal Commonwealth Society at the Commonwealth Club. She trusts in God, and she is spiritual.

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