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Racism, the Inevitable in America

By: Edward Faison Jr.


About the Book
This is a book written by the 90 year old author who wrote mostly about his personal life experiences. Being born in the South in 1931, only a few years after the signing the Emancipation Proclamation, racism was alive and well. He experienced the times when segregation was at its peak down South like, segregated restrooms, segregated water fountains and segregation of the races. During the author’s childhood the new form of slavery, sharecropping was popular. Most Blacks at the time were subjected to that form of slavery. He wrote about the Ku Klux Klan riding in his neighborhood during voting time and on other occasions when they felt like harassing the black neighborhood. At the time, the police department down South only hired white men and it was always open season on Black men.

The author writes extensively about his personal experiences with racism, segregation in the South and his migrating to the North. He writes about the segregation he experienced in the North. He experienced racism in the armed services in 1951 even after they were declared integrated by President Truman in 1947.

About the Author
The author, Edward Faison, Jr. was born in 1931 in Clinton North Carolina. He attended Sampson County Training School there, grades one through twelve. This school was the only school in the county for black students. The college he attended after graduating from high school 1949, North Carolina Central University was also considered to be a Black University with all black instructors.

Mr. Faison remained at the college for two years. In the summer of 1951 He enlisted in the US Army because of financial problems. After basic training in South Carolina he was transferred to Camp Gordon Georgia where he was assigned to the High Speed Radio Operators School in Augusta Georgia. After graduating from the Radio Operators school he was transferred to Mannheim Germany where he remain with the 22n Signal Corp for duration of his two years in the Army.

Mr. Faison returned home to Clinton in 1984 where he authored three books: Racism, the Inevitable In America, African American Folktales and Short, Black and Nappy Headed. (Together again forever).
He is an avid reader and continues to be active in the community. He was elected to the City Council there in Clinton in 1989 and he served two four year terms. At ninety years old he is healthy and in good physical shape. He truly believes that “”Knowledge sets you free.””
The author married his childhood sweetheart when he returned home to Clinton. He continues to be married to her at the present time. He is still in love with her after all of these years.

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