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Reconciling Genesis & Science

Unlocking the Theories of Creation

By: Fred Snowden


About the Book

Evolutionists, Creationists and Intelligent Design theorists have been arguing the questions of the origin of the universe for decades. To the surprise of many, the argument is not simply scientific, Philosophy and point of view often skew the facts. In recent years the battle has escalated, isolating the groups, so the productive communication and genuine debate has become impossible. In this book we look for answers from philosophy, time, life, anthropology, the experts, Columbus & Galileo and the Soul. Can they help us get to the truth?

About the Author
Fred Snowden, a teacher, lecturer and author, taught the Philosophy of Science at the secondary and tertiary levels for 40 years. This book is a summation of the information he has gathered on the topic. He is a published author and his papers can be viewed on They include: “The Impact of Climate Change on Human History” and “The Latent Romanization of Celtic Christianity and its Impact on the English Reformation. He is the father of three sons and has four wonderful grandchildren. He currently serves as the Chief Academic Officer for Global Cultiva, an international workforce and education consulting firm and as the Director for Education at the Loudoun Freedom Center.

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