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A Faith-Based Journey in Poetry

By: Francisco J. Torres


About the Author
Francisco is the son of an immigrant Mexican farm boy who left his family and country to come to America to seek a new life in the land of possibilities, opportunity and hopefulness. In his sojourn, he met my mother, a young beautiful daughter of another immigrant, my grandfather, who was from Sicily. After eloping to get married, they made their home in the coal regions and steel mills, in a town known as Johnstown, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains of western Pennsylvania. It was there that I grew up, with my three brothers and three sisters, amongst a melting pot of other families from all walks of life and nationalities. This rich flavor and blend of culture, traditions, and religions, from around the world, had a tremendous and endearing effect on me as I aged. I felt blessed to be alive in such a place that I called “home”. But, as life would have it, my blessings came to an end when I fell victim to a nervous breakdown, finding myself in such a state of depression with no way out. That is of course, until the Holy Spirit lifted me up out of my misery and once again enabled me to live a full life of hopefulness and peace. This book is dedicated to the Holy Spirit for all He has done for me and continues to inspire me to this very day!!!

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