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From Drugs to Jesus

By: Courtney Kacer


About the Book
Courtney Kacer shares her testimony as a young woman growing up in a Christian household to an eventual spiral into drug abuse in Rescued: From Drugs to Jesus. Her story is written candidly, as she openly shares her yearning to be loved and accepted. As she grows into her high school years, she begins to recognize a void needing to be filled; as a result, she turns to drugs and grows further away from God. Her downward spiral becomes a source of introspection and purifying spiritual journey, which allows her to reconnect with God and grow from her past.

Kacer examines the nature of addiction from her personal experience and the testimonies of others to share with you the factors which can contribute to feelings of loneliness and depression; she shares how prayer and determination to live a Christ-centered life has had a tremendous healing impact on her, and how God can redeem you of your sins. This is a transformative, emotionally powerful read, informing you on choices, pain, addictions, and the nature of love. Kacer’s story will connect to those who have fought addiction, or those looking to understand the nature of love in a clear scope. She reminds us we are all part of God’s Kingdon and can change our lives and re-commit to Christ

About the Author
My name is Courtney Kacer. I live in Southern California, and I have a passion to help bring people to Christ. I have become free from drugs through the grace and love of Jesus Christ. I am active in my church and helping to lead women during bible study and through life. I am currently a Vice President – Controller in the mortgage industry, and a wife, and mother of two beautiful children. My hope is to bring people to Christ and be transformed by the power of God’s love. We are not meant to wander aimlessly in this life, but to live it with purpose and joy.

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