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Riding The Waves During A Pandemic

Will Your Family Survive Shelter in Place Again?

By: Meril R. Smith


About the Book
Do you believe in magic? In the best of all worlds, the Covid-19 virus will disappear just as suddenly as it appeared. If the Covid-19 Pandemic disappears, there is no reason to read this book. However, if this is not the best of all worlds and the Covid-19 Pandemic continues, Riding The Waves During A Pandemic is a book you need to own and to read. This book will help you and your family plan ahead and survive the daily social and emotional challenges of living through the next waves of the Covid-19 pandemic and survive it well.

About the Author
Meril Smith grew up at the end of World War II with children of migrant farm workers, children born in the Japanese internment camps, and children of day laborers and blue-collar workers. Poverty, recessions, and helping each other were all basic parts of surviving. Living through the times of the Berlin Wall, the Salk polio vaccine, economic recessions, the space race, the development of Silicon Valley, and the Vietnam War fueled Meril’s passion for understanding people and events. His training, life experience, and career provides an excellent backdrop for writing Riding the Waves During A Pandemic.

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