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Ring Around the Circle

By: Ralph Pilolli


About the Book
A time of ‘Once’ or a time ‘Forth coming’ is within the psyche of you who continues to read on. It covers much adventure, politics that parallels that of today, which entails greed, power and intrigue. Read on and ‘Philantasize’ how they dealt with politics then. Your imagination will then take you to “My Land of Philantasy”.

About the Author
Twelve years of Catholic School; liking, loving, learning, understanding and accepting all the unanswered questions had a universal word. A word I believed fully until the church started changing the rules. Even that, with reservation, was –OK! I’ll hang on to the magic word. Next came the most precious of all to be changed, the communication between the creator and myself, the meditation of the mass. This was what tainted the magical, universal word. This word needed answers. Through much reading, thinking, conversing and meditation. A philosophy about life and death has given me my magic universal word back, my magic word is again untainted you will see it in my writings. It is called “FAITH,” “FAITH OF LIFE”, and “FAITH OF DEATH”. It is called “UNIVERSAL FAITH.”

I was literally coerced into writing a weekly auto racing column in a fairly large newspaper. This expanded into an additional bi-weekly column in a popular auto racing paper. The point being, a writer is generally told, write what you know best.

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