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Rising From the Ashes

A Spiritual Healing Through Poetry

By: Jolainne BoRienne


About the Book
Rising From the Ashes has come into being after years of a soul-searching journey from childhood abuse. Through the vivid imagery of poetry it gives affirmation to the wonderful healing process, especially when the process allows the Spirit to work hand in hand with one’s own difficult emotional work. The book links the spiritual journey with seasons of the year to illustrate how the process goes through cycles until, eventually, one day you wake up to the realization that rebirth really does happen and life is truly a gift.

About the Author
Jolainne BoRienne has recently retired from a wonderful profession where she has had the privilege of working as a teacher with a variety of elementary and preschool age children for almost twenty-five years. She is also the survivor of childhood abuse, but that no longer defines who she is. She lives with her husband in a suburban Long Island community where they raised four independent and loving children. Her hobbies are reading, drawing, painting, writing poetry, working on puzzles, and traveling.

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