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Situations Vol. 1

Love's Never Ending Beginnings

By: J. Gralyn Stokes


About the Book

Vol 1. is a collection of poems written between 1996 and 2010. I always had dreams of being a published author and one day having my words available to the world. Saying; “I’ll get to it tomorrow” or waiting for the perfect time wasn’t going to help me get to where I wanted to be. I had seen too many examples of how tomorrow wasn’t guaranteed. One day I woke up and put away the excuses, dedicated the summer to getting my book published. Life happens. Allowing fear to alter your focus and desire for something greater is a tragedy in itself. May this book inspire you to take the first step. Put away the excuses and stop procrastinating toward your destiny.

About the Author

Writer, poet, and educator was born in Greensboro, North Carolina but reared in Richmond, Virginia. He is a former elementary school teacher for the City of Richmond Public Schools and an Old Dominion University alum. He developed a passion for writing in middle school, and learned to appreciate the power of language being inspired by the works of Langston Hughes, Nikki Giavanni, and music from musician/ songwriters Stevie Wonder, Kirk Franklin and Jay-Z. Gralyn also developed a passion for web design and graphic arts. He launched Abstrakk Ink, a graphic design and creative arts company in 2019. He plans to pursue his passion for the arts through a series of children’s books, short stories, novels and also developing short films.

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