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Solving the Puzzle of Biblical Prophecy

Understanding What The Bible Says About The End Times

By: Ray Duhon


About the Book

In refreshingly easy to understand language, using sound biblical reasoning and applying the proper rules of interpreting the Bible; with book, chapter and verse references, Ray offers the Bible’s viewpoint of what will happen at the end of time, how and when it will happen and what to look for in word pictures that God intended for us to understand and for which we can be prepared. He goes on to explain why we misunderstand prophecy and gives the missing ingredient to properly understand it and solve the puzzle of understanding Biblical prophecy.

About the Author

Ray Duhon is a graduate of Ozark Christian College with a Bachelor degree in Theology, having served 28 years in the ministry as a pastor and he is the eldest son of a pastor and missionary. Ray traveled with his family to 15 different countries, and learned five different languages. He was instrumental in helping to establish over a dozen new churches in those countries which thrive today training ministers and sending out missionaries of their own.

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