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Tales from the Disenchanted and Wisdom from the Haiku

By: Diana Leavengood Blanco


About the Book

“My poems are oftentimes born from some great sadness.
They usually speak of things that have been lost.
They try to catch the soul and trap the memory –
To tell the story…true…and– what–the cost.
I rhyme because it helps me to remember.
I rhyme so I must measure every word.
I rhyme to help those lost things live forever.
In rhyming, lilting, steeped-in-meaning verse.
Words can prevail past flesh or thoughts or empires,
And words can make souls live beyond the grave.
So Man will ever know the wonder of them –
The courage that they showed…the joy they gave.”

About the Author

“After graduating from Duke University, I lived with my grandfather at the base of Diamond Head, travelled to Tahiti, hitchhiked across the face of Europe, then lived the life of an educated, working vagabond. I finally settled in California where I found…then later lost…a husband.

I worked for an amazing man who was a small animal veterinarian, a famous man who was an amazing thoroughbred racehorse trainer, and then a major newspaper. I bred and raced slow racehorses, ever hoping for a fast one. I was raised by my two children. Now that they are off to seek their fortunes, I am left to look back upon my life and see that it has fallen quite short of what I had imagined it would be. Most of the dreams are shattered or completely unrecognizable.

One of my fondest dream has been to tell the stories, meet out the wisdom, and paint the pictures of courage, beauty, love, tragedy, and cruelty in my poems and then give them to the world. If this one dream of all the dreams can now be fulfilled, perhaps I will find peace… ”

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