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The Art of Norma Forss Portraits

By: George Forss


About the Book

There are three things I want you to know about my mother, Norma Forss:
1. She was always an uninhibited non-conformist.
2. She was always having fun in her life.
3. She had a magical charm about her like no one I have known. She had a charm that is very much like her photography.

I would say that all three of these traits are due to a great natural spirit of self-assurance she possessed. Self assurance is a great facility to have in our living experience but it can be fraught with danger while it lasts. Somehow, it seems as though a person who is so free from conformity is going to get into trouble all the time. Borrowing another slang phrase from my mother’s time, you could say this pet chant phrase …
You’re gonna get yours!

About the Author

George Forss is an acclaimed photographer who has had his day in court already, so to speak. You can say this, but I am also preoccupied with a special phenomenon that has inspired theologians and philosophers and has spawned millions of religions – as well as debates – through the ages. In fact, I have been doing this even before I was discovered for my photography. I am exploring Spirituality and Existence to this day. I have been doing this, on and off, for more than 35 years. I have much acclaim for my photography so I can live with a degree of freedom. I am exploring the spirituality of my mother in this book. I am very fortunate. I am glad I can to do this book and thankful for all the people I have come to know. I was living in NYC when renowned photographer David Douglas Duncan discovered me in 1980. Duncan produced a book of my photos called: New York New York: Masterworks of a Street Peddler. My trademark is my black and white photography, which has been shown in some of the most prestigious galleries and museums. I have been featured in major publications and I have been the subject of two documentaries. In 2009 I self-published my book ENOS Prayers and Rewards of Mercy after Enos / The Innocuous Science-Strategy of GOD in Life. 730 pages. You can tell by this title and length of this book that I am serious about the subject at hand. It has been said that I have a unique and fascinating submission, which provides the reader with the author’s insightful perspectives and offerings of alternative wisdom regarding a myriad of theoretical and universal questions and quandaries. In 2014 I self published a picture book with anecdotes about my years in NYC when I was active as a street peddler selling black and white photos in New York City. I invented this. I was the first one ever to sell personal photography this way. My book is entitled The Way We Were This book is about my pictures of NYC that made me famous taken in the period of 1972 to 1988. I garnered a good Kirkus Review for this book. I have four more unpublished homespun religious books. I am currently working on a new book entitled The Religion of ENOS / A compilation of the religious ideas found in my five adroitly playful series books of ENOS. Search my name,\ George Forss. Also – Forssblog – Facebook/ George Forss and my NYC gallery to find out more. Orders and queries: 518 538 9938 and www.fineartamerica. com A disk or a memory stick of my mother’s photography is available for $39.

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