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The Bible: Fact or Fiction

By: Steve Willis


About the Book
The unbelieving world says the Bible is a fairytale. The Bible has 2400 prophesies in it, with 2000 of those already fulfilled, and the last 400 are in the process of fulfillment, right in front of our eyes. The Bible prophesied the destruction of Israel and its temple, the scattering of the Jews worldwide, WW2, the return of Israel as a nation, a generation with ease of travel, a time when knowledge would exponentially increase like an explosion, satellite communication, the Internet, TV, computers, cell phones and much, much more.

If you want to see proof of all this, read this book.

About the Author
Steven Willis has a rare understanding of plotting and story structure, as well as a most original feel for action. He is a very powerful writer who uses the 5 senses, effective word choices and descriptions mixed with lots of dialogue and effective emotion to really pull in the reader.
Mr. Willis has written 3 books, 5 screenplays and 3 documentaries. He taught Revelations and Prophecy for 5 years in Bible Colleges and has taught many seminars on the Bible over the last 30 years. Jesus: The Eternal King was written with the intent that anyone should be able to pick up this book, read it and understand from the story narrative who Jesus is and why he came to Earth.

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