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The Forgotten Child

By: Perry Schwartz


About the Book
A woman flees her home after a domestic dispute with her husband she is pregnant and while wandering around in the rain spots a church where she takes shelter and has a baby boy but dies right after his birth leaving him in the hands of the church employees. The boy is named Trevor Conway and he goes through a lot of terrible things in his life like getting involved with a group of homeless people and even a villainous traveling magician as well as an evil family member who will stop at nothing to make sure that Trevor’s true identity is never discovered.

About the Author
Perry Schwartz was born on July Twentieth Nineteen Eighty Six in Abington Township Pennsylvania he also lived in Columbus Ohio before moving down to Florida he graduated high school from Bachman Academy in Two Thousand Five. In his spare time Perry plays drums in a band called The Rock N Roll Band from hell he also goes Karate and is currently a Red Belt he also likes to write short stories and poetry he resides in Boca Raton Florida.

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