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The Journey of Womanhood

By: Cathy Ify Elebo


About the Book

The Journey of Womanhood is a non-fiction novel about a woman named Rita who left her home in Nigeria to the United States in a bid to have a better understanding of the struggle of womanhood and the fight against cultural norms and the limitations they impose on women.

Rita’s journey started in her hometown in Nigeria. While championing the cause of womanhood, she stepped on many toes and was forced to relocate to the United States of America where she continued her crusade against a culture and history that have imprisoned womanhood to personal thoughts and negativism.

The author affirms that “ the journey of womanhood” reminds all that every human being is a spirit brought into this world through a mother with infinite love, joy and passion. She maintains that the truth of our spiritual connections and what we are aware of has no “gender” attached to it. Thus, the positive speaking of every mother to a child helps generation to tap into resources yet to be unfolded.

About the Author

Dr. Cathy Ify Elebo is author of many books including; Defeating HIV/AIDS, A Woman of Integrity, and she did co-author many books for Nigerian Universities.

Elebo is a Healthcare Administrator and a humanitarian who recently resides in the state of Virginia, United States. She served in different positions in Africa, from University Lecturer, to the Clerk of the State House of Assembly and Political Advisor.

Her award-winning works in helping her country Nigeria fight for gender equality, and human rights for all earned her a rare title of a “Woman Chief” for her State and Community.

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