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The Night Chasers

By: Wesley W. Walker


About the Book

Betrayed by a trusted colleague and trapped in a manor corrupted by an unearthly evil, a band of survivors struggle to unravel a tangled, supernatural riddle kept in the cellar below. As hope dwindles, they must turn to a little girl to be the key to their salvation and save the world from a fate of fire and shadow. Halfway around the world, a police detective investigates a series of brutal murders with the help of a reclusive heroin addict in what becomes a race to find the little girl before the killer does.

About the Author

Wesley W. Walker writes both fiction and nonfiction, with The Night Chasers being his debut novel. A self described iconoclast and classical idealist, he explores politics and the Christian ethical world view on his blog at He and his wife live in Bentonville, AR.

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