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The Paradise Chronicles

By: Rufus Yates


About the Book
This short story was written before the virus that changed the world forever I’m sure there will be many books written on the subject, being confined by the virus reminded me of my story.

We never know what lies around the corner in life but we all must try to survive, and we will God willing

About the Author

In the year 2025 the country finds itself heading for a new war, one that would change many lives forever.

Iran and the USA are at the point of no return it seems, our characters live in Va. Where the most likely target site for the country just happens to be. When Jim Osborne gets a job offer in California it will be a life changing event. The Osbornes find new friends as well as new adventures, they must seek shelter from nuclear fallout and find a new world while trying to survive in their underground world.

Just a short adventure of the lives of a few ordinary people, in a not so ordinary time.

Hope you enjoy it.

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