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The Rise of a King

Book One of the Ethar World Series

By: Dewitt C. Tremaine


About the Book
Eric Marland, though fit and intelligent, has never found his place in our world. Living with his girlfriend and working as a janitor and tutor at the university, he never anticipated actually living out an adventure like one in the computer game he has designed for the Internet. Eric wakes up one day and finds his house is snowed in, in the middle of the summer and the impossible happens, a knock comes from his door. Considering it to be an extravagant dream, he opens the door and in walks an alien creature.

This is where the story really begins; Eric decides to cross over to Ethar through the alien’s time and dimensional portal to a world where our myths and legends come from. In traveling through the barrier between dimensions Eric is changed and finds himself to have gained magical power he did not have before. He is quickly involved in the affairs of the nearby kingdoms and helping them prepare for impending war. The alien sends him on a journey to learn about the powers he has gained. While on this quick little venture Eric saves the life of an Elvin princess and a couple of other creatures of Ethar. Passion mixes with adventure, and when trouble looks like it might be resolved, things get worse. Eric’s girlfriend and his best friend come to join him in his adventures and get caught up in the affairs of the strange new world. War, intrigue, romance and magic of various types weave themselves in a tapestry of adventure uniting several different races in an effort to save their lands from the forces of evil.”

About the Author
DeWitt Tremaine was born in 1959 and grew up in the small town of Stony Creek, New York. Served 8 years in the US AirForce, has been a lead in construction work, and has provided computer technical support for over 25 years. Got married after settling in Idaho, and had two wonderful children. He has traveled most of the continental USA, having driven through or visited over 40 states. Loves the outdoors and camping. In 1977 he created the world of Ethar as a Dungeons and Dragons Game Master (DM). The world of Ethar has filled in and grown over time and is still a platform used for running tabletop gaming, and the world from which fantasy has sprung forth in the writing of tales from the Ethar World. The world has a life of its own and the writings are but a glimpse of events that can be shared. DeWitt has been an avid reader of fiction and non-fiction books and has been a resident of Idaho thinking of it as home since 1987.

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