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The Unforgiven Hand

By: Perry Schwartz


About the Book
In the second part which is the sequel to The Forgotten Child Trevor and Norman Kingsley go up to the attic to retrieve an old photo album and come a portrait of a woman who bears a striking resemblance Trevor they then go on a surprise trip to Key West which Trevor really enjoys. When they get back Norman friend Mr. Greenfield comes to vist and he meets with him and his Two nieces about that the possibly of that fact Trevor might be the son of his late sister Grace and that he was going to find out whether it’s true or not.

About the Author
Perry Schwartz was born on July Twentieth Nineteen Eighty Six in Abington Township Pennsylvania he also lived in Columbus Ohio before moving down to Florida he graduated high school from Bachman Academy in Two Thousand Five. In his spare time Perry plays drums in a band called The Rock N Roll Band from hell he also goes Karate and is currently a Red Belt he also likes to write short stories and poetry he resides in Boca Raton Florida.

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