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The Xa’igoi Saga: Novel Two

The Last of the Lionhearted

By: Jonathan D. Wilson


About the Book
“In the nightly sky burns a star afire, and the two moons overhead eerily remain veiled in darkness, while the third moon reigns from the heavens–dipped in the color of blood. Such an ominous sky heralds the coming birth of the last Xa’igoi.

The world is changing forever, and from the ancient citadel of Amturis, chaos comes. Uundethar the Sorcerer seeks forbidden answers from his past. But that is not all that he seeks. What he learns and plots unleashes events that will bring doom for countless thousands, threatening realms, and perhaps bringing an end to all things.

In the far west, King Midga, once a mighty ruler now under tyrannical vassalage, finds himself outnumbered and forced into attempting to withstand Uundethar and his horde of unholy abominations, who have descended out of nothingness upon his realm’s unprepared lands.

Finding himself unaided by his oppressive, overlord king, Midga must then choose between the survival of his small kingdom and the life of his newly born child.

Stout champions stand beside Midga ready to die, if it means the survival of the prophesied infant. But at what cost? Among such so-called defenders is a man who holds secrets to his own identity. Is he one who might possess the power to save the realm and the king’s child, or will he bring doom to them all? Is this man loyal or disloyal to the cause, or will treachery and betrayal, altogether different, strike elsewhere from the shadows?

If the peoples of Kirgin and the infant’s courageous champions are to ensure the fulfilment of the Prophecy and the survival of Lacreena, the Kingdom of Kirgin must withstand Uundethar’s might and protect Midga’s only child at all cost. If they fail and the child is killed, the Omen Curse will finally arise to its fulfillment, and Uundethar will rule over Lacreena unopposed, and the world shall burn and fall into oblivion.

It is a tale of masquerades and treachery, plots and deceits, of identities hidden and of others revealed, where the loyalties of some are sworn to secrecy, while others are questioned. It is a fight for survival, of mighty heroes of old, and the last of the lionhearted.”

About the Author
Jonathan D. Wilson lives in Idaho, enjoying family and friends. Since his youth, Jonathan has been fascinated with historical fiction and fantasy. Soon, he began writing numerous short stories that won several awards. With such encouragement, he decided to make writing a career. While doing years of research for Medieval-era accuracy, a long tale of intrigue began to form in his mind: “The Xa’igoi Saga”.

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