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The Youniverse

The Spirit of the Twenty-First Century Fifth Edition

By: Jesse James Thomas


About the Book
The Youniverse introduces you to major movements of our millennium in psychology, science, technology, arts, and religion in a way that is readable and pertinent to everyday life. This means that what happens inside you becomes embedded in what happens outside you and vice versa as you interact with your surroundings. The book is full of Comments, Stories, and Exercises in which you can establish your unique and distinctive place in the world. In that process the book is both humorous and serious. There is no one like you, and without you the world will not be the same

About the Author
Dr. Thomas is now a now retired university professor and psychologist with a Ph.D. at Northwestern University and post-graduate certification at the Gestalt Institute. He has written 3 books, all of which have new editions in process. A new one is also be available next year. In addition he has written many papers for academic/scientific conferences and journals. His unique talent is his ability to relate diverse subjects in a wide variety of subjects in creative and often witty and humorous ways. He writes for a wide variety of readers utilizing his warm and pleasant personality.

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